AV@Altitude Drone Services

Drones offer the most cost effective and versatile solution for aerial imagery. Expensive helicopters or low-flying planes are no longer necessary for photos and video of events and locations. Drones provide IMMEDIATE viewing of captured footage and allow instant correction or adjustment to meet your exact needs. There is no angle that is impossible to capture with drones- the only limit is your imagination.


I offer a variety of aerial and ground-based applications:

  • Real Estate Overview/Walkthroughs
  • Resort & Hotel Tours
  • Weddings
  • Community, Sporting & Private Events
  • News, Movie & TV Production

(Time-lapse & Slow-motion video is also available)

A planning meeting is necessary to guarantee adherence to FAA regulations and logistical understanding of the proposed shoot. Each service has a different focus and estimate for the amount of time spent operating the UAV on site. Fees begin once all parties are onsite for the planned flight. I will provide an equipment assessment, safety review and pre-flight checklists (required).

Separately, post-production editing of the image captures is also available. Clients may consider photography copyright options.

Options include raw imagery [unedited photo/video available in 48MP/5K/HD/SD] and post-production. Contact me to discuss your specific needs!

Confluence Park – Denver
Avalon/Catalina Island – Los Angeles
Saddleback Golf Course – Firestone
Yampa River – Steamboat Springs
Woodlands Colorado