DJ Services

Some events require more planning, preparation, and equipment than others. A flat fee can’t factor in all of these things without overcharging smaller, less demanding events. However, to give you a ballpark idea for your budget, you may want to take note of these DJ facts:

  • Cheaper doesn’t always mean better when it comes to entertainment.
  • Solo DJs may charge as low as $50/hr, where companies may go as high as $250/hr.
  • The average event is 4hrs in length; the DJ must setup before and breakdown after.
  • The average DJ on Craigslist doesn’t ‘mix’ the music or have a diverse library.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date music library is EXPENSIVE; new songs/albums weekly.
  • Weddings require coordination with photographers, waitstaff, and venue personnel.
  • Birthdays are almost as involved as weddings, depending on the activities involved.

None of this is meant to scare you away. My intent is to make you consider VALUE with regards to entertainment at your event. I am not your ‘average’ DJ and the service I provide is exceptional and luxurious.

I am truly a Professional DJ in every sense with more almost 30 years experience DJing for parties, clubs, and concerts venues. I have entertained events as small as 50 guests and as large as 2000 guests/attendees across 4 different states (MO, IL, CA, CO).

I regularly update and enhance my audio and lighting systems to improve the quality of sound and appearance. I have versatile options and ‘backups’ to guarantee the dance floor stays engaged by my performance. My diverse, high-quality music library can entertain ANY occasion. I use a +99,000 song library offering clean (or explicit) versions of ALL popular music genres: Oldies, Jazz, Big Band, Country, Rock, Alternative, Top 40, Pop, Hip-Hop, Dance, Electronica, Dubstep, Latin, Lounge, Reggae and Christian.

I am always courteous, conscientious, and timely with the service I provide. I truly believe it is impossible to find a better DJ with regards to experience, talent, quality of service/equipment, and range of music in ANY price range.


One thought on “DJ Services

  1. Hi!
    My sister Tracey Wright recommended you for our wedding at Della Terra in Estes Park on September 26, 2015. She spoke with Jake a little already but I wanted to reach out and discuss what we are looking for a little more and rates. We live in Frederick and were wondering if you would consider meeting up for coffee to chat if our date is still available. Thanks!

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